Do’s and Dont’s of Skincare

Healthy skin is dependent on various factors ranging from nutrition, lifestyle, and the kind of environment a person lives and works in. A person is advised to visit a skin care specialist on a regular basis to give various advises on how to maintain our precious skin. Here are some of the guidelines which most skincare clinic specialists advise us to follow if we want to maintain healthy skins:

  • Drinking plenty of water-Water helps us Maintains a healthy complexion of our skin and flush out unwanted toxins from your body.
  • Eating healthy-Eating healthy loads our bodies with antioxidants, vitamin C, E, A and beta carotene among others. These nutrients play a major role when it comes to taking care of our skin.
  • Doing exfoliate regularly-This process involves removing dead cells from your skin’s surface. As a result, your pores are kept clean from pesky black and white heads.
  • Getting enough sleep-A healthy man should sleep between 6-8hours a day

Here are some things a person should avoid as much as skincare is concerned:

  • Avoid touching your face-Breakouts are mostly caused by unclean hands full of bacteria.
  • Avoiding very hot showers-Hot showers not only upsets your skin’s natural moisture balance but also strips off the natural oils and proteins from your skin.
  • Not leaving without Sunscreen Protection-Sunscreen oil protects us from UVA and UVB rays. These rays cause premature skin aging and wrinkling; not forgetting along with skin cancer.

Why visit a skin care specialist?

A skin care specialist will help determine your skin type during a consultation period. As a result, he/she will be able to recommend routines that go hand in hand with your skin. In cases of allergies or sensitive skin, the skin specialist will guide you on the type of ingredients to avoid. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Tips on how to choose the right skincare clinic

Are you looking for a perfect Tralee skincare clinic? If yes, here are some guidelines a person can use to identify the right skincare clinic:

  • Certified Specialists-Before getting any services, you should ask for the relevant documents that prove the expert is professionally trained. Alternatively; a person can ask around for recommendations on the best skin care clinic in Tralee.
  • Location-Always go for a clinic that is easily accessible. This is because most skin care treatments require regular follow-up sessions.
  • Price-Each and every skincare clinic in Tralee charge different prices. A person is always recommended to go for a clinic that he/she can comfortably afford to pay.
  • Payment options-Everyone desires to find a skincare clinic that has a convenient payment method.
  • Insurance-A perfect clinic should have a liability insurance. This is because no one knows when accidents are prone to occur.

The health of our skin really matters. This is because it greatly influences how we look. We should, therefore, take a few minutes and take care of our skin. The above tips should guide you towards choosing the right Tralee skincare clinic for you.