About Us

Amy Dyer is the founder and CEO of Advtrans medical association in Atlanta, USA. Having completed her PHD as a physician back in 2003, she decided to create a group of like-minded people and form the well-known ADVtrans company. Using modern medicine, science and personal knowledge, our aim is to help doctors, physicians and medical students in the US and worldwide to be more productive and informed on modern research. We have a team of over 50 PHD standard experts who are ready to give you advice on future medicine breakthroughs, pharmaceutical news and much more. In this modern world, the health society is evolving a lot faster than it used to be due to advancements in technology and the explosion of the online digital age. We help you with these new concepts and make the globe a healthier and more prosperous place. If you want to consult with any of our physicians, you can do so by email or organise a group meeting physically if you require stricter professional guidelines. As an independent organisation, we are not influenced by political or corrupt external resources.