Dublin Carpet Cleaning

Dublin carpet cleaning company offers the best professional cleaning services to both commercial and homes services. We offer cleaning services throughout the city and the county of Dublin. The process of cleaning your carpet can be hectic or tiresome, especially if you are cleaning tough stains. We stand out from other Carpet cleaning Dublin city companies due to various reasons.

Here are some reasons which make us stand out:


We are very affordable when compared to our neighbours. Please note that the affordable rates don’t affect the quality of services we deliver. This is one reason why you should contact us to handle your various carpet cleaning tasks.


Dublin carpet cleaning company has been in the industry for a very long time. This means that we are very familiar with the challenges facing this industry. We always handle them effectively so that they don’t affect our various tasks.

Professional experts

All our experts are thoroughly trained. In fact, they have undergone a certified carpet cleaning course from certified institutions. We also train our experts to handle themselves with a lot of professionalism as they handle various carpet cleaning tasks, be it at home or in the office.

Stubborn stains

Moving on, our team of experts is capable of removing stubborn stains that have refused to fade away even after using various detergents. We can perfectly remove these stubborn stains without bleaching or damage your carpet. When a person notices stubborn stains on his/her carpet, please contact us because there are some detergents which bleach your carpet when used to remove stubborn stains.

Cleaning equipment

We have invested a lot of money and resources towards purchasing the latest equipment for cleaning purposes. This means we are capable of offering cleaning services deeper and faster compared to other cleaning companies. Sounds goods, isn’t it? This is one reason why you should hire Dublin carpet cleaning company.

Fully insured

Sounds good, doesn’t it? You should not worry about working with us as we have both public and damage insurance in case accidents which are beyond our control occur.

         Money back guarantee

We are actually the only cleaning company that offers this feature. We offer this service to our clients who are not satisfied with the quality of work rendered. We pledge very simply, if you are not satisfied with the quality of work rendered, we refund you the full amount. Who wouldn’t such an offer? I bet no one.


We always have a team of experts on standby to respond to your call. We respond immediately upon contacted or arrive on time according to an agreed schedule. We are also reliable when it comes to finishing tasks within an agreed time frame.

Dry carpets

The techniques we use will guarantee that your carpet will dry between 2-8 hours depending on fibre of the carpet used.


You should hire us to handle your various tasks we use eco-friendly detergents which don’t pose any form of risks to your children or pet.


What is it important to regularly clean your carpet?


There is more involved than just cleaning your carpet to make your room presentable. Here are some reasons why you should hire Dublin carpet cleaning company to handle all your various cleaning tasks:

Stains : As stated earlier, we are experts when it comes to wiping off stains to make your carpet appear new again. A person should therefore hire a carpet cleaning company to help remove those stubborn stains which have proved rebellious even after using a couple of tough stains.

Health : Our human eyes make us believe that our carpets are clean just by the look. There are a lot of food and drinks which have fallen on the floor without noticing. They might decompose and cause some allergies or serious health conditions to our loved ones without identifying the root cause of these conditions. Regular cleaning of the carpet can help reduce some health risks associated with dirty carpets.

Cleaning deep areas : There are some parts of the carpet which are not properly cleaned when a person uses normal methods of wiping or cleaning carpets. The advantage of hiring experts to handle various cleaning services is that it cleans all the parts of your carpet.

How do we handle the cleaning process?

Please pay attention as we are going to guide you through the various processes we use that make us stand out from other carpet cleaning Dublin city companies. We commonly use two methods to clean the carpets, namely; steam cleaning and extraction cleaning. We have equipment that sprinkle steamed or heated water on the carpet. We hope that step is clearly illustrated.

Moving on, please note that the hot water sprayed on the carpet is mixed with a couple of chemicals to help kill germs on the carpet. The next step involves vacuuming the carpet. This process is capable of collecting all the germs and dirt which accumulated on the carpet.

Apart from vacuum cleaning, there are some other techniques used such as carpet rods, carpet beating machines and rattan rug beaters among others. These techniques will leave your carpet looking clean, new and polished.

Read more about the process of carpet cleaning from various sites here is an example Wikipedia.

Sofa cleaning

We also offer other services such as sofa cleaning. We have a team of experts specifically trained to handle sofa cleaning tasks. Our company has many years of experience when it comes to handling this task. We offer both domestic and commercial services. We guarantee you that you will feel fresh and clean when we clean your seats. Please note that we also remove tough stains on your various couches. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It is evident that hiring a carpet cleaning company is more effective than cleaning the carpet on your own. Furthermore, it is very affordable. Hiring a carpet cleaning company is also very advantageous as it helps prevent a person from bleaching the carpet by using various cleaning detergents. Contact Dublin carpet cleaning company and let experts take care of you. We guarantee quality services throughout our work.